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Salvation Prayer

During the founding of Miracle Ministries, God began to show Rev Vaughan Colebrook that when many churches invited people to respond to an altar call and accept salvation, it was little more than joining "The Club". There was no mention of repentance, the Blood or Jesus or any mention of entering into Covenant with God. After a period of several months he asked God "What are you saying? Are these people not truly saved?" God said they weren't and began showing what people need to say and acknowledge when they receive Jesus.

The result is this Salvation Prayer (not a sinners prayer, you don't need a prayer to become a sinner). It is simple but covers all the things God said need to be done for someone to come into submission to God and receive the redemption offered to them.

The Salvation Prayer may be copied on the condition that it will be used to lead someone into The Kingdom.

Salvation Prayer Salvation Prayer (59 KB)

My Blood Covenant Salvation Prayer

Father I come to You in the Name of Jesus.

I recognise that You love me and sent Your Son to remove the sin which separates me from you. Father I respond to Your love and REPENT of ALL past sin. Please forgive me and cleanse me by the Blood of Jesus Christ. By faith, Father, I now receive your forgiveness and cleansing in Jesus Name and I thank you that Your Word says that I am now brought near by the Blood of Jesus Christ thorough which I enter Blood Covenant Relationship with You today.

I renounce the Lordship of Satan over every area of my spirit, soul (mind, thoughts, will, intellect and emotions) and my body. i renounce every hold or influence of the Devil in ALL areas of my life including everything inherited through the generations because the Word tells me I have a NEW FATHER and I only inherit from Him now.

Lord Jesus I invite You to come into my life, and I submit totally to You.

I ask You to be Lord of my Spirit, Soul (mind, thoughts, will, intellect and emotions) and my Body. Now by faith I confess that sin shall no more have dominion over me because Your Spirit lives in me, I also confess that I am Saved (sozo), Delivered, Protected, Healed, Preserved, Doing Well (prospering), and Made Whole.

Lord Jesus you are the Baptiser in the Holy Spirit and I ask you now to baptise me with the Holy Spirit and FIRE. I believe by faith that when the Holy Spirit comes upon me I will receive Power (Acts 1:8) and that as I speak He will give me the utterance and I will speak with new tongues (Mark 16:17) and I pray in the Name of Jesus.


If you have prayed this prayer for the first time, please send us an email and let us know. We would love to hear your story and encourage you!

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